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Learn to Make: Soft Wispy Felt is a 42 page Step by Step Tutorial, with all you need to know to make a beautiful piece of soft, decorative felt.

The design of this felt piece was developed for a well-being class, with the intention that it’s virtually impossible to get a bad result. It is a multi-layered piece, intended to produce soft, fine, wispy, cobwebby felt that is pleasantly ‘scruffy’, ‘tassley’ and heavily decorated, so that even if it’s wonky, threadbare, thick or holey in places, it will still be a beautiful decorative piece.

There is all the information you need in preparation to make your piece: a list of all the supplies and wet felting equipment, as well as planning the layout and setting up the felting area. No ‘specialist’ equipment is necessary, and nothing expensive; I re-use and recycle where possible, most things are available around the house. The project uses approximately 15g of wool tops (I recommend Merino) 3 to 4 metres of novelty yarns, and a small handful of embellishment fibres, so it’s great for a beginner with a kind friend who can spare a bit of their stash!

The sections ‘Laying out’ and ‘The Felting Process’ have lots of colour photos and information about every step of the process; laying out the wool tops; positioning embellishments; wetting, rubbing, and fulling the felt; even the most inexperienced felter should feel confident they’ll create a great piece of felt.

The tutorial doesn’t stop there though. Because felt is really versatile, there are a couple of projects you could do with your finished piece of soft, wispy felt, or maybe your next pieces, I’m sure you’ll want to display your very first! So you’ll also find step-by-step instructions for making an unusual 3D piece and a unique decorative vessel.

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Learn to Make: Soft Wispy Felt is $6.25

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