Saturday, 13 February 2010

More Vessels

Just before Christmas I made a load of vessels in an attempt at making the perfect one for my girlfriend. I was finally happy with this one: in daylight and at night with a tealight showing the locks and curls.

But this left me with a few 'reject' vessels, which were nice shapes, but hadn't turned out how I wanted. I tried needlefelting a few extra locks on one of them, then ran it through the washer with a normal load and it turned out well. So, that got me thinking about how I could transform some of the others. This next one turned out to have all but a couple of little curls all felted in, so I needlefelted on some crimped or curly wools and locks that I dyed....Angora, Wensleydale and Bluefaced Leicester. Some dyed Falkland, Icelandic, Devon and English 56s were added for texture and to secure:

I did this next one the same way as the blue one, but used raw Wensleydale, Alpaca and Angora, and washed Wensleydale, Kid Mohair, Bluefaced Leicester and a variety of white wool tops (incl. Texel, Devon, Cheviot) Then I put it in the washing machine.

Here it is before washing


  1. They look amazing Zed and especially the one with the tea light, it makes it look so pretty xoxo

  2. Love your latest vessels!Especially with all the curly locks. Gorgeous.

  3. Hey Zed, i've just nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award you can find out more about it by following the link below and adding the award to your blog.
    hope i've done this right lol
    xoxo Karen

  4. Thanks Karen and Fibrefrolics!
    Thanks for nominating me for the award Kaz :)

  5. How do u keep things from shedding? I make some cool stuff but I don't use it because it sheds so bad. I spend hours rolling and agitating.