Monday, 3 May 2010

Clickable Photos

For some reason, my photos won't go to a large version when they are clicked on anymore. I've looked all through the Dashboard and settings and can't find what's gone wrong or what I can do to change this. I always use 'medium' for the picture size, so tried 'large' for my last post, but that made no difference. It seems to lose half the point of having a blog if the pictures can't be seen in detail. If anyone can help me, I'd be really grateful, thanks.
All the photos on my blog are on my flickr photostream and can be seen large and in detail on there.


  1. arggg got me stumped to zed,
    I just tried to click on them as well and nothing :)
    Do you want me to put this link on my blog as well so we can see between us if someone out there in blogland can help

    cheers karen

  2. I don't use flicker (I just upload from my computer), but when I blog, if I move the images at all after I've uploaded them, they are no longer clickable. So I usually decide the order in which I want to see them, upload them in reverse order (so the last one uploaded is at top) and THEN add my words around them. It isn't optimal, but it works for me. I hope it helps you, too.

  3. Thanks, Christie, I did try that once-another thing I hate about blogspot is the photo upload, but I'll try it again today :)

  4. I did try it Christie, I uploaded all the photos at once, but with the new layout thingie, I had to add them and put inplace one by one, BUT it seems they are clickable, so thanks a lot :)