Monday, 14 February 2011

Texture felt bag...update

I've added a loop and button fastening to my small texture felt bag. I hand spun some thick yarn in the same colours as the bag, using merino and some 'fancy fibres', then I plyed it and felted it by wetting, soaping and rubbing.
When it was dry, I chose the part I wanted to use then positioned it on the bag and fixed it in place by sewing with regular thread. I then covered the sewing with a piece of felt and blanket stitched it into place. The button is one I hand made from fimo a while ago.


  1. Hi Zed
    It matches in so perfectly, i really love the button to, it sets everything off to perfection lol :)) Your very cleva :)

  2. Great variety of textures and colors .

  3. Oh deary, this is beautiful. And I love that you added a fimo button. I turned to fimo also to make buttons for my felting, but now polymer clay has turned into a second passion. Your work is great and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing so generously.

  4. Thanks a lot, Ingrid :)
    I did polymer clay before felting, but often raid my old stash of embellishments and buttons for my felting. I keep feeling like I want to make some more :)