Friday 7 December 2012

Clasps, Closures and Fasteners

I decided to change the closure on the notebook cover I made from felt offcuts a few weeks ago. As much as I liked the button closure, I wanted something a little more secure. I had a hunt through my craft drawers and found a bag clip I’d salvaged from something I threw away (I recently discovered these are called Delrin Clips) and using some more felt offcuts, attached this instead of the button.


One of my WIPs at the moment is a small shoulder bag, just big enough for a camera and purse. The closure I’ve used on this is a metal magnetic bag clasp. They’re quite easy to use: each half comes in two parts, you need to make a small cut in the fabric, push the metal ‘prongs’ through, then add the little washer and fold the prongs in. I haven’t decided yet whether to cover the top with more felt or maybe a large fimo button.


This got me thinking about all the different kinds of claps, closures and fasteners I have. I have the usual buttons, zips, poppers/snap fasteners, hooks and eyes etc, but I also like to salvage and collect any I find cheap. I have a few sizes and shapes of Delrin clips, either salvaged from old bags or bought cheaply. The small ones in the Top left photo are slightly different than the 'usual' ones, they take a cord type of attachment rather than a flat webbing or ribbon type of fixture. Not so long ago, I saw cheap packs of dog and cat collars and leads in Poundland (like a dollar store) and couldn’t resist buying a pack, which gave me a few Delrin clips and Trigger Hooks (Top Right). I’ve managed to add to my collection of fasteners while I’ve been doing a lot of clearing out and tidying up lately. I salvaged quite a few lobster style trigger hooks, D-rings, split rings and key rings from old or broken or unwanted items (Bottom photos)


Most of the Delrin clips I have do take a flatter attachment though, so I just had to buy some nice braid for attaching them when I went to the fabric shop the other day :)  Aren't they gorgeous?!

Do you have any interesting clasps, closures or attachments? Do you have any tips for salvaging or buying them cheaply? I’d love to hear your ideas :)


  1. Hi Zed, LOVE what you have done with your journal!

    I have a word of caution about the magnetic bags clasps on felt.. I used one on a solidly felted bag a couple of years ago and to begin with it was great. After a few weeks through it cut through the felt that it was fastened to. I think it was the repeated action of pulling the felt flap to open the popper, the metal plate that the prongs go through ended up cutting through the felt like a cookie cutter. I use the sew on ones now (from I'm a bit paranoid about whether use will cause damage after what happened before, so I sew them to a felt patch and then sew the patch to the felt.. more work but they look and feel lovely.

    Your braids are lovely, perfect for using with your fastners!

  2. Thanks for that, Deborah. I've avoided press studs for the same reason. (I pulled my hatch doors off the wall years ago because the magnets were so strong!) I didn't know there were sew on ones, I'll look them up.
    Thanks a lot for that :)