Monday, 29 July 2013

Pink Ruffled Notebook Cover

I thought it was time for a well earned rest after finishing the Polymer clay book, we had a ridiculous heatwave here in the UK too, so it was far too hot to blink without sweating. I took refuge downstairs where it was a bit cooler for a few days and then had a look through my felt box to see what I could work on next. I found the pink nuno pieces I made for Ann’s Challenge on the Felting and Fiber Studio site, and decided to work on those. I started with the larger piece I made for a notebook cover. I’d measured carefully when I made the piece so I’d get the ruffles just on the front and back. This is the front:

And this is the back:

I must have measured properly because it worked out well. I didn’t want any of the ruffles where the flaps for the inside would go.

The fabric is a kind of synthetic crepe and ripples and ruffles nicely.

I’ve listed this on etsy now, though I'm going to swap the notebook for a red one. I’ve already cut and machine stitched the other piece for making a camera case, so as long as it stays cooler, I’ll work on the blanket stitch around that next.


  1. It's lovely! It so invites you to run your fingers over the texture.

    1. Thanks Lyn :)
      It does have a nice texture.