Saturday, 6 December 2014

Plaid and New Nuno

I didn't get a chance to do a blog post last week, so this is a longer one than usual. A few years ago, I tried a kind of plaid design felt, which ended up recently being made into a diary cover. I thought I'd give it another go, put a bit more thought into it. I thought I'd laid the wool out thinly enough to work how I wanted, but it's not as see through as I'd imagined. It still turned out alright though.

I blended some fine 18.5 micron Merino recently to make a scarf for my Dad for Christmas. I used what was left of a blue/purple/green blend I'd made for another scarf, and ran it through the drum carder with more green. This is one of the batts:

I had to go into town on Wednesday, so I wanted to try out a scarf I'd bought from a shop there when I last went, so I could see if it was worth getting more, since they were only £1 each. The batts I made for my Dad's scarf were the perfect colour so I 'borrowed' some of them to try a piece out:

It's probably just over a third of the size of a full scarf, or a full sized small collar:

It made a really nice texture, which is a shame because the shop had shut down recently :(

And, of course, a supermacro:

Those of you who go on the Felting and Fiber forum will have seen this piece, it's a sample I made using some georgette fabric I got from Abakhan last time:

I knew from other similar fabrics I've used that it would only attach loosely, the weave isn't particularly open, and one part of the bottom edge didn't attach at all. Even though I was fairly certain it would felt like it did, I like to just try a sample on top without wisps etc at first to get a good idea of how it felts, sometimes fabrics like this attach well around the edge if they are quite frayed.

I haven't decided what I'll use it for yet, but I did make it big enough to make a coin/zipper purse out of, I thought that might look nice.


  1. I really like the patterns and colours of the first collar - adding a button or piece of velcro it will look fab and practical. Perhaps a lovely Xmas present for someone? Shame the shop closed but if they were selling at just £1 maybe that's why?

    1. Thanks, Teri :)
      I think it was just a pop-up shop related to Home Bargains, maybe a trial thing. I was torn between buying a load and having them in a box for years and missing out. I'm keeping that collar for me!

  2. The 'collar' photographed flat and on end could be the beginning of a piece of 'underwater art' - the paisley suggests fish/whale shapes - a few stitches is all it would take!

    1. Wow, I'd never have thought of that, Lyn, I see it now you mention it, though. If only I had your skills in stitching!