Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Felting Abstract Art

Before I discovered wet felting, I used to do a lot of painting. This is one of my favourite acrylics from 2007:

I decided to try and do a wet felted version of it. I did a couple of layers of Merino tops in a simplified palette of colours, then used some bamboo skewers to split the painting and felt piece into quarters as a guide for adding more detail for the 3rd layer.

I had pretty much all my colours of Merino out for this.

This is the finished layout:

All the wool put away and 'tidy' :)

I took it outside to felt it:

I had an audience:

I put it on the washing line to dry. I usually stand the painting up on its end (right end), and while I was felting, some of the wool must have gotten nudged and I started to neaten it up, but thought it would look quite cool and like it was dripping if I left the wavy edges. They neatened themselves up a bit while I was fulling though, but still looks pretty good.

Finished piece:



  1. The finished piece is beautiful Zed, it reminds me of the play of sunlight on water ripples. Great idea to do the fulling outside in the sunshine too, felting plus sunshine can only be doubly good for the soul :)

    1. Thanks, Teri :)
      As long as the path isn't too hot for the feet!

  2. Felting in the sunshine keeps the wool warm to speed things up a bit. You really should display that lovely piece !

  3. Thanks, Lyn :)
    I think I'd have had fried wool if I'd tried it the last couple of days! I'm looking for a good sized canvas to attach it to to hang it.