Friday, 7 August 2015

MakeFest 2

In addition to the samples that I made to take to MakeFest, which I blogged about yesterday, I also made a few things to show what can be made with felt, with a little bit more time. This small samples shows using rippled nuno with a resist:

Here's a closer look:

And since I like supermacro, an even closer look :)

 People often have the misconception that soft Merino is no good for sturdy items. I think it is perfect, being relatively 'smooth' compared to coarse wools gives it the ability to felt really closely together, and make smooth, compact felt. This is a felt piece, felted and fulled to the point I'd stop for something like a coin purse or book cover:

I used the bead fulling board to full it as much as I physically could, to make a thick firm coaster/trivet:

Obviously, I can't take the before as well as the after, but compared to some of the other samples it shows how firm felt can be. Not quite as firm, but still sturdy is this hat I made. I thought kids would enjoy this:

This is the other side:

I made this as an example of what could be made with a bit more time, but thinking about it, it didn't take any longer to lay out or felt, so could easily be made in the workshops. It's a 'landscape' or 'terrain' piece using plastic fibre from recycled bottles with textured batts and cotton gauze. This is the layout before felting:

This is the piece after felting:

This is along the surface. I love texture!

If you've always wanted to try felting, or know someone who has, come down to the Science and Industry museum on Saturday or Sunday (8th and 9th), you can get the free bus Number 2 that goes from Victoria station, and stops outside, and Castlefield is across the road, so there's lots to do. It is absolutely free to get in, my workshops are absolutely free too.

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