Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bright Nuno Felt

Some slightly more 'conventional' nuno felt this week. Well, conventional to me anyway :) I made a piece similar to this first one a while ago and it was really popular and I thought I could improve on it a bit, so I thought I'd make another one:

I'm thinking that next time I make something which is 'double sided', I'm going to flip the layout over when I've finished the first layer, because the top always looks better than the underneath. It looks alright, but was definitely better on the side I worked on:

I love the shiny ripples of silk nuno:

I used a strip torn from a viscose scarf on another piece I made:

I think you can see the ripples a bit better on an angle:

The ripples were so uniform and neat, I couldn't decide which close up to use, so I'm posting 3 :)