Thursday, 15 June 2017

More Nuno, More Sewing

One thing I realised when I was making the bag I showed last time is that I was running out of offcuts. So decided to make some more. I suppose technically they're not offcuts if I make them with the intention of cutting into strips, but you know what I mean :) I made a few different coloured nuno felt pieces:

I loved the variety of textures I got from using different fabrics on the orange piece:

The red piece was made with all silk pieces:

This is a corner of the red piece with sunlight on it:

Before I got too attached to the pieces, I cut them all up into strips:

I made a mistake with some of them, because some pieces weren't very wide. I should have left them 'whole' instead of cutting the strip in half like I did the others. I started with the red and orange strips, and matched up some pieces, it turned out some of the purple strips worked well to so I used some of them. I made them into a passport style shoulder bag. I made this side as the front:

I made the back to match, but different enough that it can be reversed for a different look:

It's not very easy to see, but I finished the bottom of the strap off with some wooden beads.


  1. Very pretty nuno beautifully pieced together - I like the beads too!

    1. Thanks, Lyn :) I think the beads took as long to attach as the panels did to make! Very small and fiddly.