Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Greek Wildfire Fundraiser

Most of us have seen reports on the news in the past few weeks about the terrible Greek wildfires. A website has been set up recently to help raise money for the reforestation of areas devastated by the fires. The project is called ART FOR TREES and the organisers are asking for donations of artwork to be exhibited and sold to help raise funds for the project. If you can help in any way, no matter how small, have a look at the website for updates.
The address for sending donations is:
ART FOR TREES, c/o Manya Maratou, box 66, Marathon, 19007, Attiki, Greece
They ask that donations are sent by November.

Anyone who took part in or heard about the Australian Bushfire fundraiser will remember how succesful that was with all the great donations, and the hard work of Karen who organised the sale. For anyone who missed it, there are photos of the donations on felting forum's blog which raised AU$1558.50


  1. Thank you for posting about the Art for Trees Appeal. Reforestation is so important for nature and wildlife.

    I loved your book cover idea last month. I'm working on an idea right now :)

  2. Excellent Zed, i'll be sending something to help Manya with this to :)))

  3. Zed, hello and thank you!I'll put the link to this post in the sidebar. I enjoyed reading through youe blog, the way you talk about process is great :-))

  4. Thanks Jasmine, Karen and Manya :)
    And thanks for the hard work organising and letting us know about these fundraisers.