Thursday, 1 October 2009

Everybody's doing it!

I think I can safely say that the Textured Felt technique is a big hit! I really liked how my second piece turned out, using mainly blue and green fibres:

This is a close up of the texture:

Unfortunately, the link I posted to fibrefrolic's blog which details the technique isn't working, but I made a photo set on flickr describing how I made the blue piece.

Lots of people have given it a go with loads of great results, Judelicious created a nice bright piece with merino and silk, and this piece made by feltfinland has great colours and textures.

To see more fantastic textured felt pieces, have a look at the post about it on the felting forum, my favourite so far is the turquoise piece that Tess made.

If anyone else has tried it, it'd be great to see your results :)


  1. Just gorgeous! I am planning to try this technique in scarves!

  2. Textured felt in the wash - love to do it :D

  3. Hi Zed. I read through this technique on your flickr page yesterday and thought it very well explained and great step by step photos. I meant to leave you a comment but got so side tracked with the links (Fabric!!!!!!!!) that I never made it back to your original post hahaha. Anyway, looking forward to trying this out. Many possibilities here. Thanks again for the post, Aileen.

  4. LOVE the textures you created...this is on my list for next weekend! Thanks for the detailed photos!

  5. Thanks Aileen and Kelly :)