Thursday, 15 December 2011

Dyeing Felt

After the Direct Dyeing post on The Felting and Fiber Studio site the other day, Shana asked if the same method could be used to dye already made felt. I'd heard about people dyeing finished felt, but hadn't tried it myself, so I had a go at dyeing a couple of recently made samples. They were both white merino, one with milk protein fibre, and the other with Egyptian cotton top. They turned out well for a first attempt. This is the sample with cotton top after dyeing:

If you'd like to see the full post showing the sample pieces before and after, click here. If you've tried dyeing felt/nuno felt etc, by any method it'd be great to see your results :)


  1. Looks great zed, i think the colors turned out well :)

  2. One of the blogs I follow is written by Chad Alice Hagen, who is a felter and an AMAZING dyer. She works magic dyeing felt she has made using all sorts of techniques, including shibori. Check her out! You might be inspired to try something with your dye pot.

    Your dye sample is nice. Have you figured out what you are going make from it?

  3. Thanks, Kaz :)

    Thanks for that link, Elizabeth, I'll check it out :)

    I haven't decided what to do with the samples yet, they were samples for a scarf, so they are very fine and soft.