Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gorgeous Fibres

I had a surprise package from Karen yesterday. She had sent me the latest Felt magazine and some gorgeous fibres. There was some lovely Tissue Silk; which has an unusual texture similar to silk chiffon, some very shiny Mulberry Silk in gorgeous colours; some purple and red organza yarn, which I'd never heard of; some beautiful sari silk ribbon; hemp; and the softest Merino ever, Optim Merino, which is 18.5 micron merino stretched to make it 15 micron. Thanks, Kaz!

I'm really looking forward to trying it all, especially the hemp and merino. I recently made a scarf from 18.5 micron merino and that was unbelievably soft, and I'm really curious about whether the hemp is similar to flax, that looks a lot like dried grass, but is soft, shiny and a kind of platignum colour after felting.


  1. What gorgeous fibers, Zed!! It's wonderful to have 'fiber friends', isn't it?!?!
    I wish you and your loved ones a very special holiday season and a creative and healthy 2012!! XXO-

  2. What a lovely fibrey present! The mulberry silk colours are wonderful

  3. Your so welcome Zed and dont they look gorgeous all layed out like that, cant wait to see what you do with them
    Lots of love
    karen xo

  4. Thanks, Ruth, Heather and Deborah :)
    And thanks again, Kaz :)
    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone :)