Friday, 6 January 2012


I don't have a fancy sewing machine (mine's an old electric Singer without the power!) or know many stitches, but I do like it and would like to learn more. A few days ago I got my machine out and did some sewing onto a merino and milk protein fibre sample that I'd dyed. The sewing isn't very obvious but it adds something to it and makes the felt a bit firmer.

Close up:

I also learned a new stitch this week to add to my back stitch and blanket stitch :) 
I learned Fly Stitch through Sharon B's Pin Tangle blog. Every week she is showing us how to do a new stitch. It's called Take a Stitch Tuesday and you can also get inspiration from clicking the links in comments to the blogs of other people who are learning too.


I probably should have used a better fabric or maybe Binca to get the spacing and stitch length more even, but I chose this nice piece of 100% cotton fabric (IKEA tea towel!) for its size so I could maybe make it into a little drawstring bag afterwards :)


  1. That looks great Zed, see it just goes to show you dont need a fancy machine to add lots of detail to something, and great idea to make a draw string bag out of your 52 weeks of stitches :)

  2. Good for you Zed :) I love stitching into felt too.
    I agree with Karen, I think your drawstring bag ideas is great!

  3. Woohoo! Your machine stitching looks great. Who needs a fancy machine??

  4. Thanks, Kaz, Deb and Ruth :)