Friday, 13 January 2012

Gorgeous fibre samples

A few weeks ago, Karen sent me some gorgeous fibres. A few days ago I found time to make a few samples trying some of them out.

This is a sample using the sari silk ribbon, I untied a couple of pieces from the ends to test how it felted.

When I was looking at the sari silk ribbon, I noticed there were lots of stray threads tangled round the ribbons, so I pulled them off. I never throw any fibres away, even threads from the edges of frayed silk, because you can use them to make something like this:

The photos don't do it justice, the threads are shiny like tiny strips of coloured foil

Another gorgeous fibre that Karen sent me was dyed mulberry silks in really lovely colours. I made a sample of these in simple rows:

Aren't they gorgeous fibres? :)


  1. All are gorgeous fabrics. The 2nd & 3rd images look like coral under water. So pretty. Yes, I don't throw away fabric and save for further use.

  2. Thanks Terrie and Shelley :)