Friday, 25 January 2013

January Projects

I've been trying to find ways of having a few projects on the go so I can work on them for a few minutes at a time where possible. A few months ago, I posted on the Felting and Fiber Studio site about a couple of felt pieces I'd made with the intention of practising stitches for the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge. I didn't keep up with the challenge, so had the pieces spare. I decided to add some stitching to the first piece. This is how it looked originally. I started by machine stitching around the patches of colour.

Over the next couple of days, I added some hand stitched straight stitches, first in in yellow and then added some in orange.

Another project I got started on this week is a white texture felt piece. Liz from That Fuzzy Feeling blog, recently made a gorgeous piece of texture felt and it inspired me to make one. I decided to make a natural white one, so I got to play with (and smell!) my collection of wool, alpaca and mohair locks. They are mostly unwashed so my hands felt really nice afterwards.

The first day I managed to get as far as laying it out and sewing up around the edges. So far, I've managed to add the stitches from the top to the bottom.

Thanks to Ruth for encouraging us to find ways to fit in a few minutes of fibre time each day, I've managed to get a lot more done this week than I otherwise would have. It might not be much each day, but before long, it all adds up to finished projects I wouldn't have had without the challenge :)  Ruth's been blogging about her Daily Dose of Fibre, check out her blog for her gorgeous bead books, stitched fused fabric, and more.


  1. Zed - I love the stitched felt. It looks wonderful. Looking forward to the textured felt.

  2. Hello Zed -thank you for mentioning my textured felt...of course, my original inspiration came from you! I love your stitching onto felt - interesting how the hand stitching adds an extra dimension, too. Liz x

  3. Adding the hand stitching was a good idea - it really brings the piece to life.

    Have you unwrapped the white packet yet?

  4. Thanks, Ruth :)

    Liz, your gorgeous piece really inspired me to try it again, and I still think I'll do a coloured one too :)

    Lyn, Thanks a lot :)
    Yep, the white piece is unwrapped, dry and finally photographed!