Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My new e-book

It seems like it's been forever in the making, and months since it was actually completed, but the e-book I have been working on is finally available to buy!

Beyond Nuno explores the use of fabrics in the art of making wool felt by the traditional wet-felting method. It features the fabrics most commonly used in felting--silk, organza and the open-weave cottons scrim, cheesecloth and muslin. There are also additional sections on synthetic fabrics and other lightweight cottons.
The book shows how these fabrics work with wool to create certain effects and how they can be used effectively and manipulated with different techniques.

Unlike project based books, the content focuses on how and why these fabrics work the way they do to provide the info you need for more control over the outcome of your nuno felting; how to achieve the effects you desire, and provide a basis for continued experimentation instead of feeling that felting is all just ‘guess-work’.
There are 190 full-colour, high quality photos in the book. Every photo is taken carefully to clearly demonstrate the information in the text. There are also many supermacro shots to show high definition examples of wool fibres and fabric weave to further illustrate the information, and because this is an e-book, all the photos can be enlarged up to 300% for even more detail without losing any quality.

Although nuno felting is seen as an ‘advanced skill’ in felting, I think anyone who has tried felting will find this book very easy to understand and follow. In the introduction, there’s a small step by step demonstration of how I felt, and I’ve included a small glossary at the end to help make things clear.

Hopefully before too long it'll be available to buy straight from my blog, but for now it is available from Craftsy.

I really enjoyed making the book and it was hard to stop, there was always something else that was 'vital' and just had to be included!

 I had lots of help and must say some thank-yous. Thank you to my girlfriend for putting up with many mini-meltdowns and for giving me a unique perspective which I think has really helped to make this book different to anything else around. A massive Thank You to Lyn from rosiepink. Lyn has published an excellent e-book, a step by step guide to Creating Felt Artwork, and as well as reading and re-reading endless drafts of my book, gave me lots of invaluable advice about the whole publishing and selling side of things. Thanks, Lyn :)
I must also thank Karen and Ruth. Sorry for all the ranting and moaning, Kaz, and thanks so much for reading through and making sure it was clear and simple. Thank you so much for your thorough proof reading, Ruth, all your suggestions and invaluable insight. Ruth is the author of the fantastic Complete Photo Guide To Felting. Thanks to Pam from the forum for all your help with the Introduction, getting that right really helped make the rest of the book clear. And Thank You to everyone who reads my blog, leaves such nice comments here, on flickr on The Felting and Fiber Studio site and everyone at the Felting and Fiber Forum :)

*** It's now available to download straight from the blog, just click the photo on the top right which says 'Instant Download' underneath, or go to the e-books page.


  1. Congratulations! It's always nice to see something you have worked hard on come to fruition.

  2. Congrats Zed ! - love the nuno felt on the cover!

  3. Fantastic achievement Zed - you deserve huge success.

    This is a must-have book for any felter - a wealth of knowledge with wonderful photos.

  4. Congrats on the launch. Sure it's informative and useful for all feltmakers.

  5. It looks like a great book! I didn't realise Nuno felting was an advanced technique - it's the first felting technique I ever tried!

  6. Thanks, Terrie :)

    Thanks, Wendy :)
    I suppose because the results are so lovely and some nuno is so delicate looking, it can seem a bit daunting to the beginner or someone who has only tried wool fibres for felting.
    Also, there isn't much info on the net or it's conflicting, I know I was cautious about trying it, I didn't want to waste money on fabrics, especially silk which can be expensive, in case I 'messed up'. And I didn't realise that so many fabrics could be used, especially cheap synthetics :)

  7. I just downloaded your e-book and I am very much looking forward to reading it. Your free tutorials are so wonderful as I suspect your book will be too! Thank you so much for taking your time and effort to share your experiences with all of us :)

  8. Aaw, thanks, Kathryn :)
    I'm glad you like the tutorials and I hope you enjoy the book too and find it useful. I really enjoyed making the book so I'm glad people are getting a lot of enjoyment and use out of it.