Thursday, 21 March 2013


I've opened an Etsy shop :)

There isn't much there at the moment, but there are a few silk fibre packs. They are packs of aproximately 20g each of natural silk hankies; silk carrier rods; silk noil and gummed silk throwster's waste. I got a shock when I looked up postage prices! I always wanted to be able to offer reasonably priced fabrics and fibres, but the price of postage has shot up recently. If you're in the UK it might just be cheaper to call round for them :)

Silk carrier rods are odd, ugly looking things! But once they are soaked in water and the layers are separated they make great embellishments for felt or mixed media. Like any silk fibres, they can be dyed too. They look like coloured foil to me. I've even carded them and felted the 'fluff'.

Silk Throwster's waste really doesn't look much at first, stiff and nylony, like tangled dolls hair! But once it has been degummed it is soft, fluffy, shiny and crimped.

 It's easy to dye too, and looks gorgeous once it's felted. It spins well too.

Silk noil has great texture. Soft but with nubby bits that feel a bit like oats :) It smells nice and even has a nice sound when it's separated. You can use it to create subtle interest and texture or use it more densely and it will have the appearance of a fabric.

Silk hankies are one of the most popular silk fibres for using with felting. They can be used whole as a single layer:

Or more than one layer for more  texture:

 Or you can draft them into roving and use smaller pieces for different effects:


  1. Congrats on new shop. Wish you blooming.

  2. Hope the shop works out well. I agree on the postage prices, they are getting ridiculous. I wish I could just call round :)

  3. Oh i wish i could call round to lol congrats on the shop Zed, i must say its about time lol

  4. Good luck with the shop Zed! Postage costs are crazy.. they shot up last year. Our local post master says they shan't go up for another 3 years now though.. apparently they bunged 4 years worth of increases on in one go.

  5. Woo-hoo! Good luck with the shop Zed - it looks good.

  6. Thanks Terrie, Ruth, Kaz, Deborah and Lyn! :)
    I actually had a sale yesterday :)

    I hope that's right about the postage, Deb. They've widened the weight bands too to 100g, it feels like ripping people off if it's just inside a band.

  7. I will check it out, cheers Marie