Sunday 7 April 2013

Slow Sewing

I had a comment on my previous post from Ali (Random Wooliness) about my nice blanket stitching (thank you!) and that I must have 'oodles of patience' :) The truth is I have dodgy vision, my eyes flicker and get worse with patterns or when I concentrate, so I have to sew really slowly and kind of  'slide' the needle across the felt for each stitch, as trying to poke it through in the right place would have me there all day with shaky hands and vibrating eyes :)  I have managed to get another couple of projects finished though. Last year I made a piece of rainbow coloured felt, made with merino blended with crimped nylon I'd dyed myself.

I really liked this piece, it feels really nice, kind of 'spongy'. And has a really interesting texture to it, and it almost looks like it's still damp if that makes sense? Well, I measured it and it was the perfect size for making a notebook cover, and I got to keep the natural edges too. This is it all sewn up before putting a notebook inside.

 I decided the orangey side would be the front.

And the greeny side the back:

It's a shame the back of the felt on the inside won't be seen, I liked the way that turned out too:

I mentioned in my last post that I used the blue flowery piece of nuno from my e-book for making camera cases. I managed to get one of those sewn up too. Is it just me, or does everyone who makes things want to keep them all? Is that really narcissistic? :)

I did put them both on etsy (in GBP at last, thanks Deborah I was being so dense about that), but if anyone buys them, don't be surprised if I've 'lost' them ... just kidding!! :)


  1. The notebook cover is gorgeous Zed. I don't blame you for wanting to keep everything!

    1. Thanks, Ruth :)
      There are some things I really can't let go of.

  2. Glad you got your Etsy ££s sorted Zed :) it certainly makes life easier.
    Your notebook and camera case are both lovely! I guess we make what we like, which is why we'd like to keep 'em all :)

    1. Thanks, Deb :)
      That makes sense, I might have to start buying colours and using patterns I don't like so much!

  3. Beautiful rainbow and your description of its texture is fab! Love the flowery camera case too!
    Thanks for the link :) and info on your individual stitching.
    Hope the new recipient of the notebook will enjoy peeking at the secret colours on the inside of the cover every now and then!

  4. Love the color of that notebook zed, i find it hard to let go of anything and now i almost have a mountain of stuff so im going to have to do something lol

    1. Thanks, Kaz :)
      I had to do it in two stages, to make it easier. If you've got a big table, spread it all out and see what you think each piece would be good for depending on size, thickness, stiffness etc, then pin a little label to it. It's an excuse for getting fabrics out too, for lining :)