Friday 21 February 2014


Sorry I haven't written a blog post for a while. I've just finished a  tutorial with everything you need to know to make a piece of flat felt and turn it into a book-cover with a flap closure and delrin clip. It took forever because I started toying with the idea of doing workshops and started working on updating and expanding my Wet Felting tutorial, and I also wanted to do the tutorial for making the book cover, and in the end I decided to combine them.

I thought I'd never finish, but I finally got it uploaded to the hosting site yesterday (hopefully, I did it right!) so I'm giving away a copy on the Felting and Fiber Studio. It's a 59 page PDF and has lots of different sections and loads of photos right through the whole process of planning, making a sample, laying out the wool and fibres, wet felting, cutting out the pieces, and sewing it together. For more details you can read the full blurb on my projects page.

 You don’t need to do anything special to enter, just go over to the Felting and Fibre Studio site and leave a comment on the post there. If you’d like to spread the word through your blog or facebook etc, it would be very much appreciated but it isn’t a requirement. I will randomly draw the winner 6 days from now, on Thursday 27th February 2014, so please check back on the 27th to see if you’ve won, and leave a comment on the announcement post so I can contact you with the download information.

 Also ... together with the tutorial, I am giving away a custom 'Project Pack': enough wool, fabrics and embellishment fibres to make a sample and piece of felt big enough to make a cover for an A5 notebook ( they're about 21 x 15cm or 8 x 6") a delrin clip and embroidery thread. I'll make up the wool batts to your specifications, whichever colour theme you want, which embellishment fibres to blend in, some texturey wools if you like, etc.

I'll even do a pink theme if you like ;)

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  1. looks like a wonderful project, would love to know how.