Friday, 7 March 2014

Surface Design Using Resists

I haven't been very well lately and haven't had chance to do anything other than tidy up the mess I let accumulate while I was writing my notebook tutorial :)
We always seem to be talking about surface design on the Felting and Fiber forum: stitching, embroidering, embellishment fibres, beading etc. And there have been quite a few projects using resists lately too: Lyn's pod that she posted about on The Felting and Fiber Studio site last week, Nada's resist Slipper tutorial, and Carole from the forum showed us her gorgeous sculptural vessels with lots of surface design and embellishment.  A couple of months ago, Nada reminded me of some projects I'd done using resists to create surface design, so having nothing new to post about, I had a look through my photostream for some examples and hope you don't mind revisiting some old stuff!
I think this was the very first piece I made using resists to create surface design. I wanted to have a go at trying out lots of different ideas at once, so made a piece using six resists to try out different cuts/shapes.

I wanted to try out using resists with more contrast between the top layer and what it revealed underneath. This one has green/brown/mossy shades revealing slashes of orangey brown shades of wool with embellishments of silk noil, bamboo, silk hankie and  soya fibre.

This burgundy piece is cut away to reveal orangey mustard shades with soy bean fibres.

I think this next piece is probably one of my most adventurous. The resists and cuts were fairly straightforward, but it was quite big, very thick to make it stiff enough to support itself, and I used a flat resist - not something I ever have much luck with for a 3d shape!

This last piece is one of my favourite vessels. I love the colours and textures and was really pleased that it came out just how I'd imagined!

If you're interested in using resists in felting, Ruth did a post on The Felting and Fiber Studio quite a while ago about using flat resists for different hat and vessel shapes. Also, Lyn and her daughter Annie (Rosiepink) have written a brilliant PDF guide to making 3D vessels using flat resists. If you are interested in all aspects of surface design, Fiona Duthie has an online surface design workshop starting soon and has info on her website.


  1. love your 2 vessels, does the blue and red one have a function? The way it is hung suggests that it does....

  2. Thanks Teri :)

    I have the blue and red one hanging from the ceiling just by my computer :)

  3. OOh what great textures - love the contrasting colours and the sculptural shape of your vessels - wish there was feely vision!! - on my to do list sometime....vessels not invention of feely vision!!
    Hope you are feeling better - the weather is certainly keeping me cheerful!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks, Ali :)
      I keep feeling the urge to do more vessels too, and sculpturally things in general.
      Feely vision would be good :)

  4. Hope you are back to full health soon Zed..

  5. These are wonderful! The last 2 pieces especially. How nice to have something turn out just the way you planned.