Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Corriedale and Ingeo

I like Ingeo, it's different to many of the other embellishment fibres, it isn't particularly shiny, but does have a sheen. There's a nice soft, almost 'fluffy' look and feel to it too, but it isn't fluffy or hairy, if that makes sense? :)

 Here's a closer view:

This is a supermacro:

And this is a supermacro of an area where the fibres were laid out more thickly:

I liked the way it worked with the dark brown Corriedale tops.


  1. Ive never heard off those embellishment fibres...there is a lot I don't know about felting...they look beautiful though!

  2. Looks absolutely fantastic? Is it from corn? Or smth completely synthetic?

    1. Thanks, Felicity :)
      Yep, it's made from corn, but I didn't know how till I saw Lyn's link!
      I tried dyeing it with procion dyes, thinking it should dye, but it didn't at all. I see why now :)

  3. You lead the way with the experimentation of felting fibres! I'd never heard of ingeo but it looks terrific - the supermacro really shows it well.

    Felicity - I googled it and this is interesting info:


    1. I didn't think it was that complicated, Lyn!

      Thanks, it is a nice fibre to work with :)

    2. Interesting, Lyn! Thank you!