Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Craft Fair

I did my first 'proper' craft fair on Sunday just gone. It was at the gorgeous old building of Victoria Baths just a mile or so from Manchester city centre. I didn't sell much ( a piece of rainbow felt, 3 bookmarks, a credit card holder, a felted soap, a coin pouch and a heart shaped ring pouch) but I did pay for the cost of the stall, and I did meet a lot of nice people. A wet/needlefelt artist had a stall in the row behind mine, she had lots of nice pieces, but I didn't get her details. Maggie was upstairs, she had a lot of nice felt pieces and had been felting for a long time, and she sold me some dyed flax for a bargain price! This is Maggie's stall:

She had some gorgeous woven and cobweb scarves:

Opposite the end of my row was Jude. She does pretty much everything! From washing raw fleece, to dyeing it mostly with natural dyes, spinning it up into gorgeous yarns and then knitting it into amazing shawls and hats. She also felts and does workshops teaching her many skills. This was Jude's stall, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of her spinning wheel.

These are some of her yarns. I think she said her dad turned the bowls himself. Just disappearing to the right are some needlefelted sheep with hand dyed locks:

My stall was a lot neater when I first set it out, but I only took photos nearer the end. This is most of it:

And this is the other end:

If anyone has been put off doing a craft fair because of lack of transport, I thought I'd show you how I took my things. You might remember my 'granny' trolley from a post last year, that is what I used to take everything to the fair in. I used a large 'document' box, and a couple of shoe boxes. This is the smallest shoe box I used:

In this I had 7 pieces of felt.

This is the second shoe box I used:

In this I had all my greetings cards, handmade felted soap, a receipt book, some business cards, a couple of mirror cases, a glasses case, ring pouch, coaster and lots of bookmarks.

The document box, which came flat and cost 70p from Ikea, measures 10 inches high, 10 inches deep and is 13 inches wide.

In this I managed to fit: 3 large gadget sleeves; 22 phone/camera sized cases; 2 glasses cases; 13 credit card and coin pouches; 5 purses; 3 slim gadget cases; 6 A5 notebooks and 8 A6 notebooks. I think I had even more in it on the way there!

I did have a small shopping bag with the table cloth cover, some paper bags and my woolly vessell in, but almost everything else was in the trolley.


  1. I enjoyed reading about the craft fair. All your creations are very pretty. Thanks for sharing all the photos of the other booths and their creations. Judy

  2. I like visiting craft fair. You've stock of beautiful thing and your way of operation is a good reference.

  3. It all looks so scrummy! (I think you deserve an award for packer of the year.)

    1. Thanks, Lyn :)
      I'll get meself a chocolate biscuit, since you insist ;)

  4. Love your colourful stall - full of all those fab goodies seen on your blog...and more!
    Spotted some of your framed panels - cool!
    You are such a talented packer too!
    Glad you met some likeminded makers ..
    look forward to hearing about the next one!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks a lot, Ali :)
      I don't think I'll take so much next time though!

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  6. What a lovely stall, full of beautiful items, cheers Marie