Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Nuno Felting

After I made my sample/reference nuno pieces recently, I thought I'd make some larger nuno project pieces. I've got quite a few pieces cut or torn, in various sizes and made a start with a piece of a woven pink scarf I got from a charity shop. I always put far too much effort into choosing the colours to go with the fabrics, you can't tell, but the felt under the scarf actually has 3 different shades of pink, plus a few wisps of turquoisey blue:

I thought the pink scarf and this next piece would make nice coin purses, though I'll probably use just a plain piece of felt for the inside section of the coin purse. This is a piece from a spearminty peacock scarf:

It has great ripples, this is a closer view:

I've also made a couple of camouflage inspired pieces lately. I think it must be one of my favourite 'themes', I know I've made a camouflage hat and drawstring bag, a shoulder bag, a notebook cover or two, and a felt cuff and coin pouches (I still use that one in the photo, 4 years on). Maybe it's because I really enjoy doing  felt layouts, choosing all the colours of wool and embellishment pieces. This first one uses some strips from a camouflage patterned silk scarf:

Here's a close up of one half:

This next piece took a lot longer to lay out, it has patches of cotton gauze, the camo silk, cotton scrim, cheesecloth and some muslin my friend Ruth dyed and sent to me:

Close up of the centre:

I got a small kids' weaving loom not so long ago, and finally had a go recently. One of the things I tried was pencil roving waste from World of Wool. I've tried weaving and felting with it before, but had to do it 'freestyle', this was the post about it: I think it was a bit 'closer' using the loom, and I left the edges longer, but it looked pretty much the same really:

Looking at it on an angle:

And close up:

 If you've always wanted to try nuno, but feel a bit daunted and don't know where to start, I have an e-book called 'Beyond Nuno'. Nuno is more than a bit of Merino on a silk scarf and doesn't have to look a certain way to 'work', all the info is on this page here:


  1. Wieder eine wunderbare Studie.
    Ich freue mich darüber immer, wenn ich so etwas sehe.
    Herzliche Grüße, Angela