Wednesday, 22 June 2016

More Nuno Pieces

I know, I've been slacking again, sorry. I'm sure there's a much easier way to do blog posts than to 'manually' copy and paste text from Word/Wordpad, then upload the photos, but any time I deviate from the 'usual' way of doing things, either here or on Wordpress, I end up with a mess of huge spaces between text and photo or otherwise, no spaces. Pretty much all the felt pieces I made lately have been nuno felt pieces. This first piece was made with a piece of a polyester scarf I bought not so long ago:

This next piece was made with some fabric from a dress I found in a charity shop:

I like this part the best:

This nuno piece was made with a strip of linen scarf, it was a lot like some viscose scarves I've used, but shinier:

I've used pieces from this next scarf on some nuno samples, so thought it would make a great piece. It is unusual because it's 2 thin layers with loose fibres trapped between which look like soy top:

Here's a closer look at the fabric:

This last nuno piece has lots of strips from various silk scarves I found in a salvage shop years ago. The scarves are really gaudy, but work well cut up and mixed with others:

This is the back of the silk piece, I thought I'd stick with the bright theme :)


  1. The first nuno piece looks like a garden, but then so does the second one ... with a big butterfly in it!
    The gaudy nuno is fabulous - love it!

    1. Thanks, Lyn :) I'm really beginning to like gaudy again, I've noticed a lot more bright colours being added to my wool orders lately!

  2. The first one would look lovely in a frame. Love the bright colours of the last one.

    1. Thanks, a lot :)
      I think I will have to find a frame for the first one, It's too nice to cut up!