Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Nuno Felted Silk Scarf

I picked up some gorgeous dyed silk scarves a few years ago, and they've been packed in a box ever since. So, I thought I'd have a go at felting one. I picked one out then chose the shades of merino tops to go with it:

It was quite long-38 inches, so I hoped I'd be able to felt it solely by rolling, so that I'd be able to use the technique for larger felted pieces that I don't have enough room for felting the way I usually do. I'd say it felted about 80%, which is okay for felted artwork, but probably not for anything wearable or artwork with textures/added fibres. I finished it off by rubbing on bubblewrap.
Merino side:

silk side:

I started with a reed table runner, then put bubble wrap on top, then the scarf/merino and finally netting, I rolled it up tight, then gave it a lot of rolling-even using my feet. I then unrolled, turned the scarf round 180 degrees, then repeated.
So, if anyone has any tips for making sure it's fully felted by just rolling, I'd be really grateful :)
Pictures of full scarf Here


  1. In my experience, you really need to finish nuno felt by hand, rubbing it in between your hands and shocking it with hot and cold water. Some people throw it down on a table (or in the sink), which seems to help too.

  2. I use a microfibre towel for that. It seems to get the felting and fulling done really well. I think it is because it causes a lot of friction and really grabs the fibers.

  3. Very pretty colors...I am jus getting started with felting...and having a ton of fun!

  4. Thanks for the comments :)
    I've found the same thing, Whitney, but as soon as I find a big enough microfibre towel, I'll definitely try that, Inger, Thanks :)