Thursday, 23 April 2009

Nuno Felting

A couple of months ago I experimented with nuno felting-using fabrics with wet felting, and enjoyed it a lot.
Here is a set on flickr...most of the early experiments ended up as part of the collage piece in the set

This week I layed out a few more nuno felt pieces, but I've only wet felted 2 so far.
For the first one, I cut up squares from silk scarves that I've tried before, these are very light and felt really well. I added these to a base of 3 layers of turquoise merino, and added a few wisps of merino on top in a couple of places
This is how it looked before felting:

And this is how it looked after:

The second piece was an experiment with scrap pieces, the rolled edges I'd torn from silk scarves, messy scrunched silk, scrap organza and silk sari yarn- all added to merino randomly and topped with wisps of merino.
Before felting:

After felting:

I don't think all the different colours work well on one piece, it looks too busy, but I liked the effects and will use them again but keep the colours simpler.


  1. great experiments - I really like the multicoloured one, and the textures are luscious in close up.

  2. They look really cool zed, i like the multicolored one to. :)))

  3. Thanks, Fiona and Kaza :)

  4. Really like the silk/wool effect on both of them, however, I do prefer the turquoise one. Beautiful! :-)

  5. i love these - especially the turquoise one :)

  6. The turquoise was my favourite. I did use the ideas from the coloured one to make a couple of blue pieces, then turned one into the camera case I sewed together