Sunday, 19 April 2009

Wet Felted Vessel

I made my first wet felted vessel a few days ago, using a 3D resist I'd made from bubblewrap. Just in case anyone else wanted to get covered in wet wool tops and make as much mess as I did, I made a Photo set on flickr
Today I thought I'd try to make a bowl shaped vessel, I know I've got a rubber football bladder somewhere, but couldn't find it, so I filled a plastic bag up with lots of scrunched up plastic bags, then covered it in packing tape for a resist.
I went a bit too far up with the wool tops, so it was a bit of a struggle to get the partly felted vessel off the resist, and it made it a bit loose too
It soon firmed up as I started to finish the felting by rubbing it inside and out on the bubble wrap
And after rinsing in cold and hot water and fulling by rolling it between my hands it was ready to leave to dry. I'm happy with how it turned out, but I thought felting over a 3D resist would be easy and it isn't, it's messy and fiddly and takes forever. I might just have to see if I have better luck with a flat resist.


  1. Gorgeous zed, i love the look of it as its come off the resist..beautiful colors :))

  2. I do too. It would have been nice to just full that enough to make a little drawstring bag

  3. great colours as always zed :) i've never tried felting on a 3d resist - i did buy a ball with the intention of using it for felting but have never managed to move away from the flat resist!

  4. Sorry, I keep missing comments. I wish I'd used a ball for the bowl shaped one, it would have been easier to get the felt off!

  5. Hey Zed,

    I found your blog while trying to figure out how to make a wet felted birdhouse. I saw one in your Flicker photo album. I was wondering if you could share how you made it!