Monday, 27 February 2012

Even more sewing!

I've been busy tidying up/clearing out recently, but I've managed to get some sewing done when I've had some sit down with a cup of tea time. The first thing I did was some sewing on a very hairy hand felted alpaca bag. I used some poor quality alpaca tops that I got a few years ago and made a little bag with a flap. You can see pictures of it here. I thought I'd use it to try out some TAST stitches. The first thing I did was add some little shapes to the flap. I made a pattern in Photoshop, stitched an outline, then filled the shapes in with really close blanket/buttonhole stitch.

I've started on the front of the bag, but I've only done a border so far. I used shisha mirrors bought from ebay in the centre of my shapes and a few people were interested in them. While I was searching for pictures of the mirrors, I came across this great tutorial from Emily at about how to sew your own shisha mirrors. I gave it a go and was surprised at how well it worked out. I'm not sure I do it exactly the same as her on the back stitch, but it works and looks good! :)

I added chain stitch around the edge:

I've already started working on using different things to attach with the same technique.

The latest thing I finished was my chain stitch piece from last week's TAST. I'm running really low on my natural yarn now, so I'll have to get the spindle out and make more! It'd be nice to have a supply of bought natural wool threads, so if you know anywhere that sells them...something around the thickness of cotton perle 5...I'd be grateful to know :)


  1. Lovely Zed!
    That purse looks really pretty (love the irregular shaped flap), and the bottom piece with all of the stitching.. I so hope that you applique that onto something its lovely!
    I have some shisha mirrors somehwere that I've been saving.. will have to dig them out and play :)

  2. Zed I forgot to mention Mulberry Dyer do a good range of naturally dyed (beautiful colours) threads especially for embroidering. They have their own www and an Etsy shop. Deb (the dyer) is an embroideress, she has wool, silk and linen threads. They moved to France a couple of years ago so p&p is a bit more than it used to be.. but they are often back in the UK selling and I know they are doing Wonderwool Wales. I'd definitely recommend their products, they're always excellent quality and from lovely people. Might be worth checking if they are attending any events you may be going to.. you could have a good look at the range that way.

  3. Hi Deb, I'm getting quite a collection of stitch samples now, I'll have to think of something to do with them. Attaching to a canvas was suggested.

    I had a look at Mulberry Dyer, it looks like the shop is empty at the moment. I'd love to be able to buy 100% wool yarn in any natural colour other than white.
    I don't attend any events though.
    Thanks for the info :)