Saturday, 11 February 2012

More Stitching

I've been learning some new stitches with Take a Stitch Tuesday. I found it quite hard at first, but then I bought some aida fabric with holes which helped me learn the stitches neatly (there's a lot of counting in sewing!). I wanted to try actually using the stitches though, so made some felt to practise, but then I worried about messing up and ruining it :) So I hunted through my scrap box (I never throw any felt away) and found some offcuts from when I made a set of placemats and coasters. I had some handspun thread that I also made at the same time, but spun some more just in case.
I then edged some offcuts with blanket stitch and practised my new sewing skills :)


                                                                       Fly Stitch:

                                                                   Cretan Stitch:

Feather Stitch:


Chevron Stitch:

I love using natural wools, and I'm really enjoying learning new stitches :)
I do have one problem though, I only have 1 good needle. I bought some embroidery needles, but they're not sharp and I need sharp to poke through thick wool, if anyone has any advice, I'd be really grateful :)


  1. This is beautiful stitching. Off-cuts? I think not!

  2. Your stitching looks so beautiful with the natural wool colors!!!!

  3. Try a chenille needle, they are sharp but thicker and work better with a thick felt. Wonderful stitches!!

  4. Oh Zed these are so pretty! They will make lovely applique patches to add to 'something' a bag maybe? or a tunic? They're are far too lovely not to use..
    Deborah x

  5. I love felt and stitch, these are lovely Zed.

  6. Thanks a lot everyone :)
    I'm enjoying doing them, but I've ran out of thread, I'll have to spin some more!
    Thanks for that, Ruth, I'll look for one :)

  7. These are beautiful, they'd make lovely brooches