Sunday, 5 February 2012

Surface Texture

At the beginning of the year, Ruth posted a Surface Texture Challenge for the First Quarter Studio Challenge on the Felting and Fiber Studio site..

I love taking photos of anything interesting, so I really liked the idea of this challenge. Not long after Ruth announced it, we had a really frosty day here. I was inspired by a patch of frosty moss in the back garden and made my first wet felted piece for the challenge. I used a blend of green merino shades and carded plastic fibre made from recycled plastic bottles. You can read more here.

My second wet felted piece was a bit more of a challenge... mouldy cheese :)
Here's the source of inspiration:


and the felted piece:

Ruth was inspired by bark and made a really nice wet felted Kindle cover using water soluble fabric, machine stitching and viscose fibre, it turned out really well. You should also check out these amazing felt sculptures by LizB. If you'd like to join in, come over to the Felting and Fiber Studio, click 'Challenges' in the categories on the right, and you'll see all the related posts.


  1. :) I would never of thought of mouldy cheese being inspirational (probably cos I've never really looked that closely at it lol), your textured felt representation is excellent.. if I didnt know the source of inspiration I'd think of arial views of fields or something.

  2. I can't say my mouldy cheese always looks this good (I shouldn't really 'always have' mouldy cheese!) and I probably wouldn't have thought I could do it if I hadn't tried the moss first, but it was fun :)

  3. Oh i'm with Deborah Zed, who would have thought moldy cheese would inspire anyone, i think you did a Brilliant job on these and i'm wondering what else you have lurking in your fridge that would inspire you to felt it lol


  4. Thanks, Kaz :)
    Hopefully, there's nothing inspirational in my fridge, now!

  5. Zed--Your mouldy cheese is awesome! I really love 'science project' felt pieces!! :) XXO-

  6. The mouldy cheese is wonderful and I'm so glad I inspired you to look in different places for inspiration!

  7. Thanks, Heather and Ruth :)
    Don't tell anyone Ruth, but I took a dried banana skin and shrivelled mushroom out of the compost bin the other day :)