Saturday, 28 April 2012

Nuno Felt and abstract

I've been busy making lots of nuno felt samples lately, mostly for reference but I've also made a few larger pieces for making into things like bookcovers, purses etc. These are two pieces for making into something, but I haven't decided what yet :) They use use mainly silk chiffon 3.5mm and silk ponge 5mm.
This first piece has alternating strips of chiffon and ponge:

You can from the close up the different textures of the two types of silk. I like the way chiffon seems to melt into the wool to become a part of it.

Aswell as the chiffon and ponge, I used some pieces from silk scarves for this mosaic piece


Close up:

I think chiffon is my new favourite silk, it doesn't ripple or ruche as much as other silk under the same conditions, but I think that works in its favour for some projects.

Over on The Felting and Fiber Studio site, Ann posted her second quarter studio challenge. The challenge is to make an abstract piece from a photograph. I got a bit carried away and tried abstracting almost everything in my picture folder :) I've had a couple attempts, one was a shell from organza which didn't work out, and this one, which was my first abstract, an abstract picture of a kiss, using craft felt and needlefelting.


  1. Your mosaic piece is wonderful, Zed! I love the colors and the way the black background sets them off. XXO-

  2. Thanks, Heather. I liked how it turned out too, the black really works well, doesn't it? I think I'll do more of these :)