Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sewing and Experimenting

I've been trying to continue with the things I learned during Ruth's challenge for getting 5 minutes of fibre time into each day. I don't always manage that and often end up with one or two days where I have a couple of hours fibre time, and 3 or 4 days without, but I'm organising my time better and having projects at different stages, ready to work on when I do have the time. On my desk I have a box of  felt pieces that have been measured and cut and are waiting to be sewn. I also have a box of part made up items; things like purses, glasses cases and coin pouches which have been sewn on the machine and are waiting for me to finish off with blanket stitch. These are a few of the purses at various stages, the blue ones just have the back pocket mahchine stitched into place, the white piece on the left has some stitching around the pocket edges, and the one at the front is just in need of a button and buttonhole.

This is one of the camera cases I've been working on. The gray fibre is carded silk carrier rods. I blended some of the silk 'fluff' with merino and used some for surface texture.

I mentioned on a previous post that I had one more felted piece using the pink synthetic fabric. It isn't really meant to be anything but an experimental piece, combining nuno techniques and using a resist. This is a compilation of images.

Another experimental piece I did was one using some crimped acrylic fibre that looks like a synthetic version of laps.

It produced a really nice effect.

I have managed to finish off a few pieces and must get them photographed for listing on etsy. This ring pouch is one piece I finished. I first made some heart ring pouches a few years ago so I had somewhere safe to put my rings and bracelets when I take them off for felting. I've made a few more for gifts. They're only small, about 2 inches high and 2.5 inches wide, this photo makes this one look huge!


  1. Zed-The synthetic 'aliens' popping out of the felt are quite interesting!!