Friday, 17 May 2013

Mixed Media Book Cover and Camera Case

As much as I really liked the mixed media piece that I made last week as it was, I did want to make something out of it. I made sure the piece of fabric I worked on was big enough for a book cover, but the finshed piece was too thick for that. I turned it over, folded it, measured it, looked at it, thought about it, then decided I could make a book cover out of it if I cut it and used different felt for the inside flaps. So, more measuring, hunting for felt and sewing of felt to fabric. This is what the inside looked like before I'd quite finished the bottom edge:

And, this is what it looked like once all the edges were finished:

I'm not sure whether I prefer it with the red part on the front:

Or whether I like the blue better:

I had quite a good sized piece left over, and I actually really like the green part the best, so I thought I'd use it for a gadget/camera/phone case. This is one side:

And this is the other:

I really enjoyed making the mixed media piece and the cover and case, and I don't feel so odd for saving all the tiniest bits of felt scraps 'just in case' now :)


  1. Love the results of your mixed media fabric forays - the covers really bring the piece to life!
    Fab that the book cover front can be red or blue - both look great.
    However I think you have saved the best til last (like your supermacros!!) the colour combinations in the last photo are fantastic!
    I keep tiny scraps (of anything!) got an idea for some of them just need the time to execute it!
    Ali x

  2. Thanks, Ali :)
    I really love the green with bit of red, I love things like that, that aren't planned. I throw practically nothing away, I kept the trimmings of the edges of this piece and anything that isn't usable goes into a bag for using between layers of texture felt.