Saturday, 28 September 2013

Mixed Media

This week, I worked on my mixed media pieces for Karen's 3rd Quarter Challenge on the Felting and Fiber Studio Site. The first piece I worked on was the smaller board with lots of folded and creased scrim on. I started by painting the background with some blue shades of acrylic paint.

Then I layered lots of shades of blue and white, then finished with some details of black, white, yellow and red. This is the piece just after I finished, while it was still wet.

And this is it when it is dried. You can't really see the texture in the photo, you might be able to if you click to see it bigger, but I've uploaded it to flickr, so you can see the texture of the scrim and the detail better.

Here's a supermacro of a small part which does show some of the texture:

Often when I work with acrylics, I need to wipe off excess paint, so I keep a spare painting board nearby to wipe the paint on there. It makes a great base for another painting. This isn't really part of the challenge, but I painted it just after the blue piece. It's mostly the same colours, but in different amounts.

 And a supermacro:

 The second piece I worked on was the larger board with 2 layers of scrim. It did turn out the way I'd planned, but didn't look as good as I'd imagined. I painted a light grey in the centre and dark greys around the edges. Then I covered some laser prints of artwork in Golden gel medium and stuck them face down on the surface. When they were dried the next morning, I wet them and carefully rubbed off the backing paper to reveal the prints. I covered in gel medium then painted reds, oranges, yellows and whites around the edges. I don't think I got enough paper off the bottom print. I might carry on working on this, I think it needs something else.

Has anyone else made anything for the challenge? If you post a link, we can add it to the gallery there.


  1. They look awesome zed and I hope you enjoyed getting back into some paints again. The texture in the blue one does look like you've got wire underneath everything, There both very cool :)

  2. Thanks, Kaz :)
    Yeah, it was good getting the paints out again, I have some really big canvases my mate kept telling me to pain, maybe I will :)

  3. Wow LOVE your blue pieces - the texture's fab - especially in the super macro. I've always been fascinated by the outer edges of a canvas, or whats left on the easel when a painting has been moved - so seeing your second picture that began as the spare board is amazing!
    Wonder what you will add to the third piece...look forward to seeing it in its next stage!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks, Ali :)
      I love that too, I have large pieces of card that I've used as a wrok surface, building up layers and ares of paint over time. I had some glass paintings made a similar way too.
      I haven't done any more on the orangey one yet, I did try to work out how to add fabric, but nothing looked right.